Thursday, June 7


June 29th can't come fast enough....

I've been trying to work out in my head, what would be the best way to go, strategically speaking. Do i end my current cell phone carrier (virgin mobile) and sign up early for cingular/at&t, have my phone number ported over so the minute i get the phone, i can swap out the sim card and i'll be ready to go? from what Scott Bourne says, it seems like the other companies are expecting a lot of terminating-of-contracts. i'm glad i won't have to deal with that, but then i'll have to deal with an actually phone bill every month (boo!). I guess all of this is in anticipation of actually getting an iphone on the launch day or soon after... that in itself seems so difficult (crazy demand + not a lot of product = riots!!!)

who is going to buy the iphone (according to gizmodo):

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Melody said...

We were JUST having this discuss at work . . . the whole carrier switch thing. I'll be interested to see if there is a lot of termination of contracts! I wasn't a huge at and t fan. But I will say that once they joined forces with Cingular, they improved.
Good Luck!