Tuesday, June 19


check out my tumblr!! this will be where i post snippets (mostly clothing-oriented)...

i will also have the tumblr aggregate all my internet jibber-jabber, all in one neat, vertical, uh... tumblelog

Monday, June 18

well, if i believed there is a god...

is the iphone mania reaching an all new high? i'm still shocked to see so much mainstream coverage about the iphone... and making me a wee-bit nervous. Am i really gonna be able to get one on the release day? Shouldn't, uh, true mac fans get theirs first... and do i qualify?

anyway, went to Go Go Curry over the weekend... YUM!

thats a generous pork cutlet, breaded/fried with curry and rice.... i got a "walk" size, and could barely finish. Blaksquirrel got a "single" (all menu items are baseball-related names/sizes). He says its the best in the city... i think so too. It was really spicy (not hot-spicy, but spice-spicy) and yummy with the fresh cabbage, and well-cooked rice!

Friday, June 15

ahhh.... paris!

i used to not like the idea of paris... and all things to do with france, in general. We had family friends from france stay with us for a few summers when i was little, and i was annoyed (teenager + sharing anything = annoyed). but (and this sounds bad) a couple summers ago, i read a book called The DaVinci Code , and i decided that i needed to see this place (and go to Saint Sulpice and look at the "rose line" with my own eyes). It was hot (we went in July) and touristy, but it left a very romantic feeling for paris, that i still haven't been able to shake. Whats really egging me on is a couple of movies for this summer.... Ratatouille, and Paris Je'Taime.

Monday, June 11


i used to really like bingo... haven't played in ages tho.... i think we used to play in elementary school? (no, that doesn't seem right... maybe at music camp?) anyway...

this combination of bingo and apple craziness makes me very happy!!! Now i can't wait until WWDC 2008... that seems like a long ways away... : (

link via kottke


hmmm.... there's some interesting changes here.... is it just me or does it look a lot smaller? (or does the new hand model have bigger hands??)

update: looks like other peeps noticed this too, these folks too

New Photo:

From a while ago:

big cats

watching the live coverage of the WWDC 2007... i can't quite follow the updates/new features of the big cats (leopard in October).... just waiting for any morsel of information about the iphone!!

Friday, June 8

according to TimeOut NY...

My New York age is 34

This New York age puts you into a middle category between young and old (but not "middle age" per se). Be proud. You've got a nice balance between going out hard-core and staying in. You care about culture but also like some quiet nights. Keep it up, but think about expanding your horizons in the other directions. Head to Studio B or Anthology Film Archives for the first time, or finally check out the Village Vanguard or Elaine's for a dose of old-school NYC.

Does your age reflect how you're living? Let us know.

What's your New York age? Take the Time Out New York quiz and find out!

Thursday, June 7


June 29th can't come fast enough....

I've been trying to work out in my head, what would be the best way to go, strategically speaking. Do i end my current cell phone carrier (virgin mobile) and sign up early for cingular/at&t, have my phone number ported over so the minute i get the phone, i can swap out the sim card and i'll be ready to go? from what Scott Bourne says, it seems like the other companies are expecting a lot of terminating-of-contracts. i'm glad i won't have to deal with that, but then i'll have to deal with an actually phone bill every month (boo!). I guess all of this is in anticipation of actually getting an iphone on the launch day or soon after... that in itself seems so difficult (crazy demand + not a lot of product = riots!!!)

who is going to buy the iphone (according to gizmodo):

Currently feeding my iphone appetite: macbreak weekly, apple phone show, ifoapplestore

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PS1 Warm Up 2007 Line Up

June 30
DFA hosts with Invisible Conga People (live)
Tim & Tim (Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeny)
The Juan Maclean (DJ Set)
Shit Robot aka Marcus Lambkin
plus BLARVUSTER (Matthew Welch)

July 7
A Touch of Class hosts with
A Touch of Class (DJ set)
Lee Douglas (Rong Music)
Services (Live)
Kudu (Live)
Preacher and the Knife (live)
plus Bubblyfish/Tristan Perich (live)

July 14: agnes b. presents . . .
Poni Hoax
The Penelopes
JB Wiz
Ex Nihilo Crew
Plus Marina Rosenfeld and Zeena Perkins

July 21
Objektivity hosts with
Dennis Ferrer
The Martinez Brothers
+special guest live performances
Plus Eric Singer’s LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots)

July 28
Tummy Touch brings you
DJ's: Ursula 1000, Tim "Love" Lee, and Ramon Santana
with live acts Wunmi and Unicornicopia

August 4

August 11
Trouble Man Unlimited/Italians Do It Better bring you
Glass Candy (live)
Mike Simonetti + a special guest DJ
plus Elliot Sharp (live)

August 18
Rong Music host with
DJ Spun
Ben Cook (aka Stranger)
Eric Duncan (Rub n Tug)
Woolfy Projections (live)
plus Dewanatron (Leon and Brian Dewan, live) & Ray Sweeten and Zach Layton (live)

August 25
Escort (live)
Felix Dickinson (Cynic, Urban Myth, Bastedos; London, England)
plus LoVid (live) and David Linton (live)

September 1
I.C.E. (International Chamber Ensemble)
+Very special guests to be announced soon

PS 1 website

Tuesday, June 5

le pen + moleskine = perfect!

got myself "a couple" Le Pens. I picked up one in maine, and i've been wondering where i could get some more. I remember these pens from my childhood... so 80's, kind-of...

anyway, i found this place to get them. NY Central told me they are being dis-continued... not sure if that means the store is not selling them any more, or the company (Marvy) is discontinuing them....

Monday, June 4


silkscreen print, size: 12 3/4 X 9 1/2 in., edition of 2000, for a mere £900
(i think i'm gonna have to splurge! cheap... compared to the real platinum/diamond/teeth for $100 million)

Friday, June 1

take me out

this song... by franz ferdinand, listening to this.. .really makes me crazy... yeah, it's that guitar hero crazy... like staying up way too late trying to beat this song. i can't remember if i beat this song, or J did....i may have beat this song (after maybe a hundred tries?)... at like, 5 o'clock in the morning. ugh. the repetitive-ness makes my skin crawl.

anyway, needless to say, i enjoyed guitar hero (I) a lot better than guitar hero II.... (maybe it's just because GHII is a lot more difficult than GHI, but i really didn't care for most of the songs and i am looking forward to guitar hero III.... especially wireless controllers (what are we gonna do with the ones we have now?) and cherub rock by the smashing pumpkins. I'm not a smashing pumpkins fan... in fact i have somewhat unpleasant memories of that particular album (that's a story for another post)... but i think i would be cool to 'rock out' like James Iha... speaking of, i was hanging out with peelander yellow in front of air market, and guess who walks by.... james iha.. looking like the ultimate rocker-dude-living-in-the-east-village!

which brings me to....

why didn't anyone tell me about this?? huh?