Monday, May 7

Red's Eats

After seeing lots of food programs talk about Red's Eats, i finally got to go. It's in a little town called Wiscasset. I've only driven through (countless times) but i finally got to stop, eat and also look in a few shops. Well, i've never had a lobster roll (i'm not a lobster-lover) so, not having anything else to compare it to, well, it was good. But for $21, it kind of better be good, right? Yeah, it was whole pieces (not even chunks) of lobster, like the whole claw, and the tail part sliced in half, plus some other sections, with a yummy hot-dog-style bun (the ones that have a cut, not the ones that are sliced sideways). Also, it came with two generous mini-tubs of melted butter. I'm not sure i get the whole "eating a lobster roll at Red's Eats" thing... but i bet people say that about the shake shack (and you know how big of a fan i am of that place). Supposedly the lines at Red's are crazy long in the summer and it's literally a shack too!

They had other things on their menu i would like to try (fried clams, grilled cheese, fish fry), i guess i'll have to go back.

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