Wednesday, May 2

bad dessert

after a fine dinner at omen... tony suggested we go to a dessert place on west broadway... huh? I can't picture that, i thought. well...we ended up at The Cupping Room... i'm still not sure if tony just likes the name of this place... or he actually had good dessert here. I was pretty full from dinner so i wasn't really looking for more eats, but everyone else got some sweets... J got an apple dumpling, tony got a brownie w/ice cream, and andrea got a chocolate chip cookie.

well, i hope these pictures of the comment card that tony left gives you an idea of our dessert experience... that place sucks. how is it that places like this manage to stay open.. their rent must be astronomical (explains the $8.95 desserts) and there are so many other good/cheaper restaurants in this city. is it all tourists? or accidental patrons like us?

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