Thursday, May 24

accident prone?

just cut my finger with a mat cutter... obviously not that bad, since i am still able to type.. just a stupid accident tho... you'd think that if i cut myself doing something so simple (cutting a small piece of cardboard), i'd always be cutting myself, but that doesn't happen, in fact it has been awhile, so then that makes me think that i am going to be unlucky today, so i am gingerly walking down stairs (because i've fallen down stairs before) and also very conscious of my wounded hand (not to bang it on something to open up the wound), which makes for more attentiveness focused on my hand, which make me (potentially) more likely for another accident. I do believe these things are a kind of infinite loop/cyclical/perpetual motion-thing.

on a totally different note, when did google maps make the buildings 3-D?

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