Monday, May 28

kids for kids

last weekend (yes, this is a belated post), M & i went to the Kids for Kids benefit (for pediatric AIDS). We didn't know what to expect, and the whole thing was a bit chaotic. The idea was that we would see some celebrities, eat some yummy food and hang out with some wealthy people (tickets for this thing are $750 each!). Unfortunately, the only celebrities we saw were Nigel (fashion photographer), DJ DB (new york dj) and Jeff Koons (artist). I saw some other artists milling about, which, i guess probably isn't all that rare to see, since this event was held literally on Washington St and Jane St in the west village. Anyway, the food was yummy (we were too stuffed to try everything!) and we got there early enough that we weren't run-over by crazy children.

my plate of food from (what i can remember): The Stand, Indochine, Kitti Chai, Republic, Bond St, La Esquina, Spice Market and Country.

kids playing Guitar Hero on gigantic projections... you have no idea what it took for me to not run up there and grab the guitar from those kids... (actually, if you know me, maybe you do...)

cute little kids getting their picture taken in front of the sinister Spiderman backdrop!

Thursday, May 24

accident prone?

just cut my finger with a mat cutter... obviously not that bad, since i am still able to type.. just a stupid accident tho... you'd think that if i cut myself doing something so simple (cutting a small piece of cardboard), i'd always be cutting myself, but that doesn't happen, in fact it has been awhile, so then that makes me think that i am going to be unlucky today, so i am gingerly walking down stairs (because i've fallen down stairs before) and also very conscious of my wounded hand (not to bang it on something to open up the wound), which makes for more attentiveness focused on my hand, which make me (potentially) more likely for another accident. I do believe these things are a kind of infinite loop/cyclical/perpetual motion-thing.

on a totally different note, when did google maps make the buildings 3-D?

Saturday, May 19


made it to pies-n-thighs earlier this week (back when it was warm!).. it was really delicious...and we were all super hungry so i forgot to take any pictures until we got to the dessert phase...

anyway, the food was really great, although we were all super lethargic afterwards...

connected to pies-n-thighs is Rockstar Bar. As you may know, i am not one for hanging out at bars... but this one, was OK. At one point i told J that i didn't feel like i was in new york. Tony succeeded in sharking everyone at pool, and i was amused at the diverse clientele

Anyways, pies-n-thighs was great... i really love eating outside when it is warm. there is something that makes everything taste good where you're breathing fresh air (even if it is the air right under the Williamsburg Bridge!)....

Thursday, May 17

crazy auctions (update)

that warhol sold for $71,720,000... yeah, that's almost 3 x the estimate...

i could really watch the video of the auction over and over and over...

Friday, May 11

Planet Earth

although it brings tears to my eyes the second i think about Planet Earth, i am tempted to buy the discs... but which one?, just good 'ole DVD, or should i be 'forward-thinking' and get HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? I also want to hear/see the BBC version as well, since i've been told that the US/Discovery Channel version is shorter, and S. Weaver is not as good.

Thursday, May 10

auctions spring 2007

keeping an eye on a few auctions that are coming up. this one is my favorite. although the car crashes aren't my favorite, the death and disaster series are really the nicer, non-pop-y, early work of Mr. Warhol. I guess the most famous image is the electric chair.. but it's kind of played out.. right?

estimate is $25 - 30 million. at Christies, Wednesday May 16th.

Monday, May 7

Red's Eats

After seeing lots of food programs talk about Red's Eats, i finally got to go. It's in a little town called Wiscasset. I've only driven through (countless times) but i finally got to stop, eat and also look in a few shops. Well, i've never had a lobster roll (i'm not a lobster-lover) so, not having anything else to compare it to, well, it was good. But for $21, it kind of better be good, right? Yeah, it was whole pieces (not even chunks) of lobster, like the whole claw, and the tail part sliced in half, plus some other sections, with a yummy hot-dog-style bun (the ones that have a cut, not the ones that are sliced sideways). Also, it came with two generous mini-tubs of melted butter. I'm not sure i get the whole "eating a lobster roll at Red's Eats" thing... but i bet people say that about the shake shack (and you know how big of a fan i am of that place). Supposedly the lines at Red's are crazy long in the summer and it's literally a shack too!

They had other things on their menu i would like to try (fried clams, grilled cheese, fish fry), i guess i'll have to go back.


shijimi is a difficult photograph subject... she hardly ever sits still and she was hiding from me most of the time i was in maine ... but, like many cat lovers, i want to be friends with all cats, and so i spent a good part of the weekend chasing her around, and trying to coax her out of the box-spring matress she likes to hide in.

i think she started to warm up to me the last day.

Wednesday, May 2

bad dessert

after a fine dinner at omen... tony suggested we go to a dessert place on west broadway... huh? I can't picture that, i thought. well...we ended up at The Cupping Room... i'm still not sure if tony just likes the name of this place... or he actually had good dessert here. I was pretty full from dinner so i wasn't really looking for more eats, but everyone else got some sweets... J got an apple dumpling, tony got a brownie w/ice cream, and andrea got a chocolate chip cookie.

well, i hope these pictures of the comment card that tony left gives you an idea of our dessert experience... that place sucks. how is it that places like this manage to stay open.. their rent must be astronomical (explains the $8.95 desserts) and there are so many other good/cheaper restaurants in this city. is it all tourists? or accidental patrons like us?


not sure i've ever seen such consistent weather... especially in the spring!