Sunday, April 1

Furr's Cafeteria

A treat for us when i was little was to go to Furr's Cafeteria at De Vargas Mall.

My (and my sisters) usual:

child's portion of the chopped beef steak (half of the regular portion)

That came with 2 vegetables. i would get Fried okra and corn (although on occasion, i would get green beans)

tapioca pudding (with 1/2 a maraschino cherry on top)

i can't remember what i would get to drink... water? iced tea? I don't remember drinking iced tea when i was really little though (10 and under).

Once we were finished with the food line and my mom paid, my sister and i would rush to one of the many 'sauce cabinets' to pick up soy sauce (amazing that an american restaurant would have this readily available back then) and A1 sauce.

(Not sure how my sister and i got so hooked on the A1 sauce... i'll have to ask her.)

I loved the ladies that would come around with their trolley and ask if you needed anything... refills, straw, butter, lemons...

i really miss eating fried okra with A1 sauce.... that has to be one of my favorite foods.

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