Friday, April 27

dinner last night

we went to Mary's Fish Camp... haven't been there in awhile (kind of on the pricy side) but they really have such good fish... i am not sure there is anywhere else that serves the same, simply prepared, fresh fish... anyway, i chose a grilled porgy... which has a cute name (although i kept thinking about the movie, Porgy & Bess)... it was a yummy fish, kind of on the messy side, though. I pride myself on eating a whole fish and not making a mess, but for some reason (maybe because i was starving)... i made a big mess, with lots of meat left over that was too hard to pick at.... oh well.

Monday, April 23

cat treats

thanks to a fellow cat friend, i was turned on to Three Dog Bakery, and their "We Pity The Kitties" cat treats! Sherlock loves them.... and well, they smell, fishy.

oh... shake shack!

our first visit of the year to the Shake Shack yesterday... it was a beautiful day, and we weren't starving (at first)... so it seemed pleasant to wait in line.... 1.5 hours later.. we were starving... and happily eating our food!!! I guess it is true about new yorkers... we love to wait in line.

I was horrified to see people had brought food from Wendys and were eating in the Shake Shack dining area.... and they weren't shy about it either.

As we were walking out of the park (stomach's full), we saw a very agile squirrel hanging from a fence, eye-ing food/trash that was overflowing from the trash receptacle.... he deftly jumped over, and grabbed a french fry and quickly ran up a tree to eat!!! So cute! J was concerned about the health benefits of the french fry for the little guy... but, oh well, at least they are organic potatoes!!!

Saturday, April 14

sarah and brendan

well, Sarah and Brendan finished their year long world tour... it's kind of sad. It seems like the most incredible experience.... that not many people get to experience... lucky them. Something i would love to do, but don't have the guts for it.

Thursday, April 12

Joshua Bell

Still reeling from the article in the Washington Post about Joshua Bell playing as a street performer in the DC Metro. It's such an unbelievable story... i don't know why. It took me three days to finish (it's kind of long, reading while eating my lunch at work). This story totally took my mind off of work (which in normally impossible) and it was a welcome relief...

Everyone should read this!

Tax Day Storm of 2007?

A major spring Nor'easter with the capability of causing damage equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane may develop Sunday off the U.S. East Coast.

...If the worst case scenarios of the models come true, the Tax Day Storm of 2007 could cause extensive moderate to severe coastal flooding, costing hundreds of millions of dollars. The areas at highest risk appear to be New Jersey, New York (especially New York City), Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts

Friday, April 6

i (heart) flipflopflyin!

go check out this wonderful animation.... this visualization of this so famous part of a movie is soooooo GREAT!!

**a little pat on the back**

(a post about my work) two artists that we recently framed have nice reviews in the NY times today. The art couldn't be more different, with probably the only commonality (?) that we framed them.

Anyway, check it out.

taryn simon

matthew brannon

Thursday, April 5


not sure if i am going to succumb to the patent-leather-bag trend, but some of the bags are HOT!!

Wednesday, April 4


saw kiiii! last night at tonic . strange. I had never been to Tonic, and from the looks of their website, looks like that was my last time.

We went to see Kiiii! thanks to Kengo, and from the fact that i had read about them in jean snow's blog. I was somehow expecting more pop music... i guess that is just what i assume from japanese groups that travel and tour in the US. (i was way off). It was a stange, awkward performance of music and art. I can't say i 'get it' but it was fun.

Sunday, April 1

Furr's Cafeteria

A treat for us when i was little was to go to Furr's Cafeteria at De Vargas Mall.

My (and my sisters) usual:

child's portion of the chopped beef steak (half of the regular portion)

That came with 2 vegetables. i would get Fried okra and corn (although on occasion, i would get green beans)

tapioca pudding (with 1/2 a maraschino cherry on top)

i can't remember what i would get to drink... water? iced tea? I don't remember drinking iced tea when i was really little though (10 and under).

Once we were finished with the food line and my mom paid, my sister and i would rush to one of the many 'sauce cabinets' to pick up soy sauce (amazing that an american restaurant would have this readily available back then) and A1 sauce.

(Not sure how my sister and i got so hooked on the A1 sauce... i'll have to ask her.)

I loved the ladies that would come around with their trolley and ask if you needed anything... refills, straw, butter, lemons...

i really miss eating fried okra with A1 sauce.... that has to be one of my favorite foods.