Friday, February 23

summer fun

who isn't looking forward to Memorial Day weekend?? I know, it's a long ways away... but this sounds like so much fun.... who wants to go? it's in the middle of nowhere... but how can you say no to this line-up? okay, so i don't know everyone on the line-up, but the ones i know... gives me shivers!! (okay, i think i am just excited it's friday... )

here is a partial list:

bjork -- meh... but wouldn't be bad to see her live once in my life, right? she's kind of legendary at this point
the arcade fire -- meh... but they are/were so big right now
MIA -- saw her live already in an outdoor situation and she was really good (especially loved the outfits/costumes)
Grizzly Bear -- well, since they are from new york, it seems silly to travel all the way to washington to see them... but the outdoor environment seems fitting for a band with this name
Electrelane -- i really like some of their songs... not sure how they would be live, tho
Beastie Boys -- meh... (see bjork)
Interpol -- i've heard they are great live... kind of seems dark to listen in an outdoor environment... who knows
Bad Brains -- um... not so interested, but adds some variety to the music fair
The Dandy Warhols -- i really like that one song of theirs... bohemian like. haven't heard anything else

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