Tuesday, February 13

new camera?

flickr has a neat (new?) feature showing what cameras are popular among flickr users. It's interesting that the Canon Rebel XTi (or rather, the better name: "Kiss N") has shot over 10 million pictures on flickr!

anyway, i've been having minor issues with my camera (it won't leave movie mode at critical kodak moments) and the problem has been exasperated by the cold weather... B&H is out of stock of the camera J says i should get.. which gives me more thinking time before i make an impulse purchase....

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20Hz said...

I just got a Canon A540 ($168.00)and I love it. Its got a pretty good -manual mode- which allows for a decent amount of control for a camera priced so low. The kicker though, is that it has a ring around the lens that snaps off, allowing for an $17.95 adapter to be installed, which will then let you use any 52mm filters or attachments. There are a boatload of "prosumer- level aftermarket lenses/filters available to fit the 52 mm threads...I'm gonna get a fish eye and a super macro. woot!bobble