Friday, February 16


it's sooooo cold out, but sooooo warm and sunny in my office. it's always a slap in the face when i step outside and it is so grossy and cold.....

bought myself as a treat for making it through this week alive, a coke, and well, i guess i didn't look too closely at it, 'cause when i took it out of the fridge for lunch-time, i noticed it says "with Lime". anyway, it's gross, a cross between coca-cola (sythetic sweet taste) + Pine Sol (synthetic pine taste). I know Pine Sol is not the right smell/taste, but you get the idea.... i do like a little lemon (real lemon) in my coke from time to time and when it is available, but this is weird. I wonder how much of this stuff they sell, and how many people buy it accidentally?

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