Sunday, February 25

the armory show

completely overwhelming... and i think the ny times article is not quite accurate by saying it is on "one pier".... it is, "one pier" if a pier can be shaped like a gigantic plus-sign. i thought i was almost done, when i ran into Jerry and Stephen and they showed me their map... and i realized i had a whole 'nother "arm" to look at.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a blurrrrrr..... I was trying to take pictures of things i liked, but alas, was completely frustrated by my dying camera (it desperately wants to only take video). I think i am going to buy a new camera.

The one idea that (i thought) was a running theme at the Fair: reflective surfaces. (I really like shiny surfaces) So i took advantage of this and took pictures of myself, masquerading as photographing artwork. Here are some examples:

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