Sunday, February 11

2007 02 10

went for the first time (although other people seems to think otherwise) to Kaufman's Army and Navy...

really a neat, old-school store. Although it wish it were bigger, it's got lots of neat things for when the world comes to an end (food rations, camouflaged everything, bullets, and of course cute little pins to let other people know what rank and class you are).

We ended up not buying anything (kind of overwhelmed), but we'll definitely go back....

then on to brunch at Murrays ....yum.

my plain bagel with plain cream cheese with lox and gigantic capers (i don't like the giant capers).

finally made it to the Sol Moscot store after dreaming about it for a week. I was secretly worried that i had gotten my hopes up and that the store and those glasses i wanted were going to be stupid and lame. well, i was wrong! the sales person that i spoke to was very nice and helpful, and the glasses i wanted were exactly what i had hoped! (pictures later when i get my glasses back).

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Melody said...

Yay! I'm glad you got your glasses! I can't wait to see pictures OR see them in person!