Wednesday, February 28

stretch wrap

this happens often at work.... i realize something could be useful/handy/timesaver, and a few days into it, i'm kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner and at the same time, patting myself on my back for thinking up something so brilliant! anyway, the stretch wrap is my new best friend.... it's so cool. I always get the Uline catalog, and i've seen them use it at The Container Store... but for some reason, it didn't dawn on me to use this at work until very recently.

I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to use it (i had to buy a case of this stuff)... anyway, although it may look 'tacky' and 'mass-production-y', it's very useful.

Monday, February 26

new camera

so, finally gave in and got a new camera. It's bigger and uglier than my old sd400, but everything else seems better. Functions are great and takes good pictures so far (i've had it for one day). It has a funny "aquarium" setting, that, well, i strangely have a use for.... who knew?

Sunday, February 25

the armory show

completely overwhelming... and i think the ny times article is not quite accurate by saying it is on "one pier".... it is, "one pier" if a pier can be shaped like a gigantic plus-sign. i thought i was almost done, when i ran into Jerry and Stephen and they showed me their map... and i realized i had a whole 'nother "arm" to look at.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a blurrrrrr..... I was trying to take pictures of things i liked, but alas, was completely frustrated by my dying camera (it desperately wants to only take video). I think i am going to buy a new camera.

The one idea that (i thought) was a running theme at the Fair: reflective surfaces. (I really like shiny surfaces) So i took advantage of this and took pictures of myself, masquerading as photographing artwork. Here are some examples:

Friday, February 23

summer fun

who isn't looking forward to Memorial Day weekend?? I know, it's a long ways away... but this sounds like so much fun.... who wants to go? it's in the middle of nowhere... but how can you say no to this line-up? okay, so i don't know everyone on the line-up, but the ones i know... gives me shivers!! (okay, i think i am just excited it's friday... )

here is a partial list:

bjork -- meh... but wouldn't be bad to see her live once in my life, right? she's kind of legendary at this point
the arcade fire -- meh... but they are/were so big right now
MIA -- saw her live already in an outdoor situation and she was really good (especially loved the outfits/costumes)
Grizzly Bear -- well, since they are from new york, it seems silly to travel all the way to washington to see them... but the outdoor environment seems fitting for a band with this name
Electrelane -- i really like some of their songs... not sure how they would be live, tho
Beastie Boys -- meh... (see bjork)
Interpol -- i've heard they are great live... kind of seems dark to listen in an outdoor environment... who knows
Bad Brains -- um... not so interested, but adds some variety to the music fair
The Dandy Warhols -- i really like that one song of theirs... bohemian like. haven't heard anything else


this software is AWESOME.....!!!!!! as much as i love going to these mp3-blog-sites, and read their reviews... it's really nice to just stream their goods, then figure out what i like/don't like and then download then... (my mp3 collection from these blogs is super-unorganized and all-over-the-place!).

Here are some of my favorites:

Good Weather for Airstrikes
My Old Kentucky Home
I guess I'm Floating
music for kids who can't read good

Peel is really nice looking and easy to use.... go check it out!!

(via i guess i'm floating)

Saturday, February 17


i'm not sure i've ever noticed these wig stores on 14th... um, interesting selection. not sure who buys the "gentleman" wigs except um... terrorists?

Friday, February 16


it's sooooo cold out, but sooooo warm and sunny in my office. it's always a slap in the face when i step outside and it is so grossy and cold.....

bought myself as a treat for making it through this week alive, a coke, and well, i guess i didn't look too closely at it, 'cause when i took it out of the fridge for lunch-time, i noticed it says "with Lime". anyway, it's gross, a cross between coca-cola (sythetic sweet taste) + Pine Sol (synthetic pine taste). I know Pine Sol is not the right smell/taste, but you get the idea.... i do like a little lemon (real lemon) in my coke from time to time and when it is available, but this is weird. I wonder how much of this stuff they sell, and how many people buy it accidentally?

Tuesday, February 13


craving a hamburger (after a super healthy, lean dinner last night), we headed over to Stand (after reading about it in Frank Bruni's blog).... it was good... not great. My thoughts: kind of salty (i'm still thirsty), great that they have japanese kewpee mayo as a condiment on the table and really cute-looking burgers.

(J saved this little sign for kengo)

Yigal Azrouël

i've never looked at this guys stuff.... (name is difficult to pronounce in my head).... and i've walked by the store never peering inside... gosh, i've been missing out!

plus i like this look with the big eye glasses!

(pics via


are you ready for the Yankee Screamer???

new camera?

flickr has a neat (new?) feature showing what cameras are popular among flickr users. It's interesting that the Canon Rebel XTi (or rather, the better name: "Kiss N") has shot over 10 million pictures on flickr!

anyway, i've been having minor issues with my camera (it won't leave movie mode at critical kodak moments) and the problem has been exasperated by the cold weather... B&H is out of stock of the camera J says i should get.. which gives me more thinking time before i make an impulse purchase....

Sunday, February 11

2007 02 10

went for the first time (although other people seems to think otherwise) to Kaufman's Army and Navy...

really a neat, old-school store. Although it wish it were bigger, it's got lots of neat things for when the world comes to an end (food rations, camouflaged everything, bullets, and of course cute little pins to let other people know what rank and class you are).

We ended up not buying anything (kind of overwhelmed), but we'll definitely go back....

then on to brunch at Murrays ....yum.

my plain bagel with plain cream cheese with lox and gigantic capers (i don't like the giant capers).

finally made it to the Sol Moscot store after dreaming about it for a week. I was secretly worried that i had gotten my hopes up and that the store and those glasses i wanted were going to be stupid and lame. well, i was wrong! the sales person that i spoke to was very nice and helpful, and the glasses i wanted were exactly what i had hoped! (pictures later when i get my glasses back).

Saturday, February 10

oh! Sir Richard Branson! (part 2)

what a cool guy.... prize money for the person/group that can help rein in greenhouse gases? Awesome. and this is in addition to all the money ($3 billion) he's promised to help research alternative energy sources....

plus, he's planning on building a Virgin Galactic base/port whatever you call them in New Mexico!! Not that i want to go into space... but anything to support the economy of my home state!


Wednesday, February 7

weekend brunch... at home!

still amazed at what we can make with the oven.... this weekend was biscuits!! super easy for really rewarding, yummy food.... recipe from Cooks Illustrated. I really love how they research all the different possibilites, and explain what works (what doesn't) and why...

interested in the recipe?

accompanying omelette (with ham, cheese, scallions and parsley)

Sunday, February 4

new address: the wx4

with all the new upgrades with blogger/google, I was able to do some re-design and now my blog address officially goes to my website...

please bookmark the following for a somewhat new and improved blog!!

Friday, February 2


i've been wanting a new pair of glasses... i'm kind of overdue, and after wearing tony's glasses... i got the itch for some large glasses....

i really like these...

what do you think?

or these...

happy groundhog day!!

(image from wikipedia... i wish i took this picture!!)

worst advertising ever!

simulated imagery. Not actual photo????

Thursday, February 1


haven't been into icons much ...i used to be crazy about them... constantly changing the icons of my current documents and folders... I guess that was right before OS X, and the icons became the pretty, 3d-looking ones... and then some how, changing the icons became difficult in one of the versions of OS X, and now it's back to easy, but it's lost its specialness to me....

but i stumbled on to these, and they've sparked my old fire (or whatever that saying is)

(via mr. merlin mann)


sweet little restaurant on east 6th (between indian restaurants).... really yummy food!

(J, thanks for finding this one!!)

holding out for a hero

this is one of the greatest/weirdest covers... i really like imogen, and well, how can you go wrong with a song from the Footloose soundtrack?

(via i guess i am floating)