Tuesday, November 28

busy, but not TOO busy to update my poor blog!

took a quick trip to chilly montreal for thanksgiving weekend (pretty, but areas look like Wicker Park) , and didn't really do any shopping... except got a skirt at Reborn (pictures later)...

ate some yummy food. this is a montreal-style bagel... which is different from a nyc style bagel... they are just different.. i can't say which one is 'better'... but the montreal style is probably easier to eat.. the outside is crispy as opposed to 'chewy' (so when you take a bite, the cream cheese doesn't go squishing out the other end) and the whole thing is a bit smaller.

we stayed at a pretty swanky hotel that was a pretty good deal.

oh and the cutest, chubby squirrel!!

glad to be back in nyc, though.

Wednesday, November 22

new jacket

for my birthday, i got a great winter jacket. Not one that i would buy myself, which makes it extra perfect. Moncler, with raccoon fur... sorry animal lovers... at least it isn't a poor fox...although i think that raccoons are just as cute and tortured/killed in the same horrific ways... same thing with the down feather insides... ugh. i'm feeling pretty bad now.

Friday, November 17

16 jackies

i am a huge fan of andy warhol... and it is such a treat to see works that are in private collection, and never viewed in public before... it's truly exciting... and the price! (it sold at auction for $15.6 million...)

Sunday, November 12


i am looking for a 'cross-body' bag... whatever they are called. My right shoulder hurts constantly from my shoulder bags... any suggestions? I came across The Bag Snob which is a great resource for finding out the coolest/newest bags.

these ones by Jean Paul Gaultier are the closest to what i want... simple and soft.

I really do like this ann demuelemeester bag though, not a 'cross-body' bag, but it looks so light and soft... and i would really like more of her stuff!!!

Saturday, November 11


first look at the new flagship store... crazy packed... and everyone is buying! The wonderwall stuff, of course, looks great.

Monday, November 6

lunch at Oms/b

a yummy lunch... too bad it is kind of on the expensive side (for onigiri)... seems like it is close to home... but somewhat inconvenient to get to.... tasty though!!