Monday, July 31

Tuesday, July 25

F/W 2006

so, are you ready for Fall/Winter 2006? Time to stop buying summer clothes (no matter how good the soldes are) and start stocking up for the brutal winter we are going to have (after the hurricane that we are supposed to get, of course!)...

the mummy is ready (he's always ready) are you?

a new addition to the house

Hello there, let me introduce you to Red Mitt (R. Mitt for short). Josh named him/her this, and well, I'm not super in love with it, but it'll do for now. I thought he was an intruder a couple weeks ago, but he is a quiet fellow, seeking shelter from the thunderstorms we've been having... he/she is soooo cute!

Tuesday, July 18

Girl Talk

Well, I thought I was over the whole "mash-up" thing with music (web 2.0 and Google are a whole separate matter)... but this Greg Gillis dude is Not Bad! For some reason he goes by the name "Girl Talk" which (i think) is strangely misleading, but so are so many of these kids' band names these days.. (My Latest Novel, The Academy Is..., Oh No! Oh My!, Architecture In Helsinki, and my absolute favorite I'm from Barcelona)

anyway, check him out.

Monday, July 17


according to Wunderground, the previous record was set in 1999, at 97 degrees. I'm trying to think back on that summer, what was I doing? Anything memorable that summer?

The Prestige

I'm not a huge fan of magic, but this movie looks GOOD. How can you go wrong with Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, and directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman Returns and Memento)?

link via kottke

hiyashi chuka

my favorite thing to eat in the summer, it's basically cold ramen noodles, with a salad-of-sorts on top, with a lemony-soysaucey-sesameseedoil dresssing. There are a couple requirements, but it actually doesn't matter (i think). I always do the egg (beaten, and cooked flat, like crepes, cut into thin strips) and some ham or fake crab. I bought some really yummy mesclun at the farmers market that worked really great (and looks pretty too!).

this food post was inspired by This Is Naive.

my first intel

well, i've been wanting a new computer for some time now, and since I actually haven't bought a new computer since summer 2000 (snow special edition DV imac 500Mhz G3), i figured i deserved one. Doesn't look all that different from the titanium, but it sure does act different! The fan has yet to go on (even though I could fry some eggs on that perforated part!), and not that I am doing anything really processor-heavy, but it's nice to be able to zip through my usual web-browsing & music-listening very smoothly! no regrets, yet.