Thursday, December 28


hope everyone had a peaceful, fun, enjoyable christmas...

Thursday, December 21

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

.... very sad that this is coming soon.... kind of how i felt when "the return of the king" came out... the end of a great story that i want to go on forever!

Tuesday, December 19

animal bites

nice to know that my birthday (11-14), in police code is the code for "animal bites"....

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Friday, December 15


was happy to find these at our local european foods store... (mostly eastern european goods, actually)... but what's up with the false advertising? the product looks nothing like the picture on the package...


soooo cute!

Wednesday, December 13

new bag

finally settled on a new shoulder bag... it's been a long, difficult process... and i've dragged J though it all (soorry!)... anyway, here it is... ta-dah!

it's from mulberry and they've opened up a couple store here in the city. they seem well made, and simple (almost too simple, with only one small zip pocket inside!).

good weather for...

derek from Good Weather For Airstrikes got into a car accident, and boy is it HIRARIOUS!!

kind of great that he can make fun/happy of such a scary incident... (can you tell i'm not a car person?)

Sunday, December 10

tuna casserole

j and i made tuna casserole... it turned out pretty good, i guess, although this stuff seems hard to screw up (it's just gooey food!)... recipe from epicurious, and easy to follow. it isn't my favorite food though... it seems really unhealthy!

Wednesday, December 6

uh... hipster? (I.S.V.C.)

from a ny times article....

young people of indeterminate sexuality, vocation or coiffure

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Tuesday, December 5

Monday, December 4


i-want the finally convinced..especially after what kevin said...

Friday, December 1

hypediss competition

this is an interesting competition, where they are giving away an ipod for the most hyped story, and a zune for the most dissed story... brilliant idea.. i really like the idea of giving away a zune, as a loser prize!!