Tuesday, November 28

busy, but not TOO busy to update my poor blog!

took a quick trip to chilly montreal for thanksgiving weekend (pretty, but areas look like Wicker Park) , and didn't really do any shopping... except got a skirt at Reborn (pictures later)...

ate some yummy food. this is a montreal-style bagel... which is different from a nyc style bagel... they are just different.. i can't say which one is 'better'... but the montreal style is probably easier to eat.. the outside is crispy as opposed to 'chewy' (so when you take a bite, the cream cheese doesn't go squishing out the other end) and the whole thing is a bit smaller.

we stayed at a pretty swanky hotel that was a pretty good deal.

oh and the cutest, chubby squirrel!!

glad to be back in nyc, though.

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