Thursday, October 26


this new piece of his is really lovely!!

Friday, October 20

Hot Hot Hot!

again, not my favorite label, but this bag is hot!!

diane arbus

I think i've blogged about diane before? I really love this photograph...

Tuesday, October 17

Mason Pearson

thanks to naive, i picked up this 'handmade comb'... to de-fuzz my sweater.. and i was in need of a comb for my hair (last one mysteriously disappeared!). martha gave me the great tip of how to de-fuzzing sweater... works great, but she also told me that cheap sweaters fuzz-up quickly because they use short fiber yarn, which is what makes them inexpensive... i am realizing that all my really nice, expensive sweaters don't fuzz up, and my cheaper (even cashmere) ones are fuzzing up... : (

Miquel Barceló

browsing through the auction results in london... and fell in love with this little fella... beautiful drawing, huh?

Friday, October 13

Hampsterdam? Hamsterdam?

almost finished watching the 3rd season of The Wire... riveting... and sad. but it really makes me giggle everytime someone says "hamsterdam"!!!

pix from last nite (last nites sock?)

at the Yayoi Kusama show at Robert Miller


neat blog... and i really like this snowboard... makes me almost want to learn!

and i can't wait to go to the original fake store!!

Wednesday, October 11

being popular

the popularity dialer. schedule a call to yourself... so that you look important? or need to get away from a certain situation... not sure how i would use this service.. but, seems handy to know about... again, there are some clever people out there! plus, i like how you can choose they type of call you will get.. nice touch!

(via mug)


cute game-type thing... although there does not seem to be an objective (boo!)... i love the free-fall aspect... a bit scary if you are used to playing super mario bros. type games...

Monday, October 9

underalls (leggings?)

isn't this, like, not that "fresh"?

Sunday, October 8

midnite snack

nothing hits the spot like a hot dog from Katz's Deli... !

Thursday, October 5

Dries Van Noten

I really like this stuff... i'm really into the Antwerp six thing in general...especially since it sounds like some terrorist group!

I really want to go to Antwerp!!

(photos from

should i get this?

photos from The Glade

Tuesday, October 3


J and i went last week (same day the NY Times review came out)... i was worried that the restaurant would be packed with all the ny times readers... but it was 1/2 full (really small place). I really love these small, specialized food places. anyway, it was delicious and definitely going back there..!!

can't wait to try the week before's "25 and under" spot, Restaurant Forte Baden Baden (a Korean fried chicken joint!)

(photo from ny times)


interesting take on the - type idea. kind of like that 'hot or not' stuff... Let me know if you register, then we can become 'friends'!