Saturday, September 23

sky mirror

so, this is finally up and i went to go see it... well, it's truly a disappointment... ! i realize it is temporary, but come on!!! you can see all the seams and they look like they are tanishing already, and the chrome-y-ness is not the same... my reflection was kind of cloudy. And whats up with the random concrete slab that it is placed on? I am really disappointed in Anish Kapoor.

it just makes the cloud gate that much more wonderful. : (



Melody said...

I totally forgot about this! I was going to ask if you'd gone yet.
I saw it on the Today Show when it was first up . . . it seemed like a let down on the tv, sounds the same in person.
I'll still check it out though, I'm sad it's not as awesome as Chicago!

yuko said...

what did it look like on tv? did it look bad?

Melody said...

It just looked . . . lame. Kinda small, not very exciting. Nothing like the cloud gate.
I just said, "Oh wow . . . I guess that's the Anish Kapoor thing. Interesting."
And I said the same thing about the concrete slab! I don't quite get it.
I guess I really shouldn't judge till I see it in person.

Melody said...

I just checked out the website . . . I guess it is pretty big.
Still the concrete slab stand thing seems incongruous.