Monday, September 4


thanks to tony, i am fully stocked up on my great summertime soother... who knows how bad my excema would have gotten if it wasn't for the prickly heat!! Plus i love the new scents... except the lavender one makes me smell like an old man. Not the usual lavender smell im used to, maybe they have different lavender in thailand?! I really like this packaging too.. seems very old school. Although i wish there was a way to open the whole can up so i can refill the with something else when i am done!


blaksquirrel said...

niiice, i love me some 'snake brand'. cept please don't smell like an old man when i get home???! :P

yuko said...

yeah.. sherlock doesnt like the smell either... it's wierd-ly old-man-cologne-y. who can we give it to?

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

My grandma loves this brand of powder!