Friday, September 1

The Oregon Trail

okay... can someone figure this out for me... and tell me what to do?

i want to play 'The Oregon Trail" on an Apple ][ emulator...

here are the links i've found but cannot figure out how to get it all to work together!!

an emulator

version tracker site


the game i want to play

how/why i became interested


blaksquirrel said...

hahaha man thats funny! don't have the energy to dig into it now, but i will - shit looks fun/funny/difficult.


Melody said...

OH. MY. GOD. I need to figure this out.
I was OBSESSED with "Oregon Trail!" But then the teachers banned it because wrote something dirty on one of the tombstones.

readyrock said...

Don't you guys remember this from Commodore 64 ....... it was on the disk that came w/ the system