Sunday, September 17


Just finished watching Good Night, And Good Luck.. really a nice movie. well done and not too long (in fact quite short). It's frightening how our government can do these things (as i write this i consider who will read this!). It's interesting to see how journalism has changed (for the better? for the worse? or maybe no change at all...) ... maybe the only things that have changed is that, reporters/journalists don't smoke while they are on the air, and we are now in color.

I was also straining my brain for all the stuff i learned in US History, junior year of high school. I took the AP course... and failed miserably (i got a 2!). i guess that is why i can remember!!!


Melody said...

I just put this on the netflix!
And don't feel bad . . . my score on the US History AP test was pretty awful too. It was so bad I can't even remember what it was.

yuko said... up is syriana... im going through a george clooney streak!

Melody said...

My poor father has watched "Syriana" twice and still doesn't understand it. I mean, he understands it, but there are definitely a few holes that should be filled. I suggest viewing the special features . . . it explains a lot somehow.

Some of it was filmed in Baltimore- George Clooney used an office at my old place of employment for a scene. I kept "delivering letters to the Vice President" and walking by him between takes!!