Tuesday, September 12


so, for the past couple of weeks, my lips have been more than usual chapped/dry. I figured it was the change in seasons, not eating well, depression... the usual. It comes and goes, and so i didn't associate it with anything specific! well, as I was sitting on the bus to meet J last night, i put some lip balm on, and just happened to read the ingredients... MANGO BUTTER!!

it is now official... i am allergic to mangoes. : (

This is by no means a criticism of Biggs and Featherbelle... i am just about to order the other lip balm they have... like i've said before, i really like their stuff!

1 comment:

Melody said...

oh no!!!!

man, you and nate and these wacky allergies.

at least you got to the root of the problem!!