Friday, September 15

fashion week

This week has been a whirlwind. Thanks to daphne, i got a chance to go to a fashion show which was cool. Alice Ritter, a young french designer. I wasn't so crazy about the clothes, though. oh well.

Observations: the models don't look so good. It was really early in the morning (9:30am), but they are really tall and skinny! Also, their hair looked like it had been blown out way too many times!! Music was kind of too loud for that early; almost distorted, which is kind of the last thing i want to hear so early. And the 'goodie' bag? A brownie from UPS, weird purple eye shadow from Nars and some other chocolates... I tried the eye shadow this morning... makes me look like i have a black eye... is that the trend these days?

1 comment:

Melody said...

WOW! Well, I'm jealous you got to go . . . and I looked at the collection. Some cool stuff but pretty . . . eh.

Mmm. Purple eye shadow. Maybe the "Millon Dollar Baby" look is in this season.