Sunday, September 24

iwo jima

didn't hear about these movies until my mom just told me about it.. Flags Of Our Fathers opens in October and i haven't seen any posters, trailers, etc. does that mean anything? anyway, world war II movies about USA v. Japan always make me a little uneasy. not sure how I feel about this and Mr. Eastwood directing them.. although i am sure they will be better than Pearl Harbor (i didn't see it, but i'm guessing). It's an interesting idea of the 2 movies together. I'll have to read up more on the films. In the meantime, check out the trailers...

released in the states first: Flags Of Our Fathers trailer (windows media)

released in japan first (not sure when this will be released in the states):Letters From Iwo Jima trailer (windows media, in japanese).

Saturday, September 23

sky mirror

so, this is finally up and i went to go see it... well, it's truly a disappointment... ! i realize it is temporary, but come on!!! you can see all the seams and they look like they are tanishing already, and the chrome-y-ness is not the same... my reflection was kind of cloudy. And whats up with the random concrete slab that it is placed on? I am really disappointed in Anish Kapoor.

it just makes the cloud gate that much more wonderful. : (


Friday, September 22

just in time for the fall classic?

flipflopflyin and his strange obsession for baseball (strange, 'cause he's not american), has churned out this great drawing! If i were a true baseball fan (as opposed to the fake one i pretend to be, from time to time), i would like to be able to identify each ballpark just on the silhouette. Really beautiful, clever stuff!! (btw, it is craig's birthday today, so go wish him a happy birthday!)

Thursday, September 21

Sir Branson

Wow, gotta love him... i read his autobiography awhile ago and was completely amazed/obsessed. Made me want to always fly Virgin Atlantic, and I think we've managed to do that, everytime we go to london. Not just in support of Mr. Branson, but the airline is just so cool! ..And btw, it isn't just a coincidence that i use Virgin Mobile.

...all profits from his five airlines and train company, projected to be $3 billion through the next 10 years, would be invested in developing energy sources that do not contribute to global warming...

sarah silverman

i guess i'm into the whole race-pushing-buttons kind-of-thing lately (Survivor,

so... speaking of... Sarah Silverman's interview on AOL Interface is really funny... the songs are great... I really like the whole AOL interface thing in general. Another good one was the Hard-Fi one.

Wednesday, September 20

giant lamp!

we saw a lamp similar to this one at MoMA. This one isn't quite the same.. but it's hot!!

(link via boingboing)

Sunday, September 17


Just finished watching Good Night, And Good Luck.. really a nice movie. well done and not too long (in fact quite short). It's frightening how our government can do these things (as i write this i consider who will read this!). It's interesting to see how journalism has changed (for the better? for the worse? or maybe no change at all...) ... maybe the only things that have changed is that, reporters/journalists don't smoke while they are on the air, and we are now in color.

I was also straining my brain for all the stuff i learned in US History, junior year of high school. I took the AP course... and failed miserably (i got a 2!). i guess that is why i can remember!!!

Friday, September 15

fashion week

This week has been a whirlwind. Thanks to daphne, i got a chance to go to a fashion show which was cool. Alice Ritter, a young french designer. I wasn't so crazy about the clothes, though. oh well.

Observations: the models don't look so good. It was really early in the morning (9:30am), but they are really tall and skinny! Also, their hair looked like it had been blown out way too many times!! Music was kind of too loud for that early; almost distorted, which is kind of the last thing i want to hear so early. And the 'goodie' bag? A brownie from UPS, weird purple eye shadow from Nars and some other chocolates... I tried the eye shadow this morning... makes me look like i have a black eye... is that the trend these days?

Wednesday, September 13

survivor: Cook Islands

I've never watched a Survivor series, but I am definitely watching this one!!! It better live up to all the controversy it's been getting!! Although all the big advertisers (GM, Coke, UPS, Home Depot, Campbells Soup) are claiming to have made their decision to stop advertising on Survivor long before the format of the show was announced... it all sounds a little fishy!

Tuesday, September 12


so, for the past couple of weeks, my lips have been more than usual chapped/dry. I figured it was the change in seasons, not eating well, depression... the usual. It comes and goes, and so i didn't associate it with anything specific! well, as I was sitting on the bus to meet J last night, i put some lip balm on, and just happened to read the ingredients... MANGO BUTTER!!

it is now official... i am allergic to mangoes. : (

This is by no means a criticism of Biggs and Featherbelle... i am just about to order the other lip balm they have... like i've said before, i really like their stuff!

Monday, September 11


beautiful red tail hawk at central park on sunday... he/she was just hanging out... i was wondering how far he/she could see. It's amazing how peaceful they look, balanced perfectly on top of something so small, up so high!!

I think it was a baby... would that be a chick?

close up


Although J had pointed out this restaurant several months ago, i was skeptical about going out to eat in our neighborhood (arent't they all Irish pubs?). Anyway, TimeOut gave it a glowing review... so we went for brunch on Sunday (no pictures, sorry) and it was super delicious... It was kind of weird to be in our neighborhood, and eat such yummy food. Anyway, if you find yourself in sunnyside, check out Quaint.

Tuesday, September 5


following are movies that look interesting/good... (descriptions and/or reasons)

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
(takes place in Astoria, in the 80s, gritty)

Driving Lessons (british, 'cause ron from harry potter is in it)

Al Franken: God Spoke (the title says it all)

49 up (documentary, really interesting idea)

The Bridge (not sure i want to see this, but the trailer is really beautiful)

Monday, September 4

really (un) cool foods

so, during my miserable walk around the upper east side while ernesto was 'hanging out' in the city, i was making my way to katagiri, and saw this beacon of light:

so, i went in, wondering what it was all about. well... it's basically a small food store.. with all of their own packaged foods. They say everything is organic. it seems like a strange concept...

they have already cooked the food for you... separately and packaged into small quantities, and then it up to you to combine them in ways to make a full dish. They have recipes or, of course you can just pick and choose whatever you want. well... sounds like a neat idea and once i figured out what was going on, (and one of the workers was cooking up something at their demo kitchen and smelled so good!)... i was suckered in...

since it was cold outside, i decided on a beef stew (their recipe).

the idea of not cooking a beef stew seemed great to me... and i was interested to see how bad or good it was.

by the time i got home, i was starving to death and quickly 'whipped up' my beef stew... as i was mixing it all up, i was wondering how seasoned it all was. so, i looked at the 'nutritional facts' on the back and was super surprised at how much sodium there was in all the little packages!! I somehow assumed that the packaged would just have the veg or meat or whatever and no other seasonings... well, i was really wrong...

finally, after 10 minutes of hard stirring, i got to sit down and eat my labored-over dinner... first impression: the potatoes are kind of crunchy...

second impression: SALTY!!

conclusion: interesting concept... i'm curious to see how well it does. but for me personally, (although it does seem 'cool' and somewhat 'space-age-y) it sucked! The food tasted good, but way too salty, and the amount of plastic garbage this meal created is embarassing.


thanks to tony, i am fully stocked up on my great summertime soother... who knows how bad my excema would have gotten if it wasn't for the prickly heat!! Plus i love the new scents... except the lavender one makes me smell like an old man. Not the usual lavender smell im used to, maybe they have different lavender in thailand?! I really like this packaging too.. seems very old school. Although i wish there was a way to open the whole can up so i can refill the with something else when i am done!

Friday, September 1

The Oregon Trail

okay... can someone figure this out for me... and tell me what to do?

i want to play 'The Oregon Trail" on an Apple ][ emulator...

here are the links i've found but cannot figure out how to get it all to work together!!

an emulator

version tracker site


the game i want to play

how/why i became interested