Monday, August 21


wow... so, on my way home after work on friday, i stopped by at the Home Depot to buy some light bulbs. On the way to the self-serve check out, there was a large bin of Mr. Clean Magic Sponges. Well, on a whim, i decided to buy one. Wasn't too expensive, and had heard about it (a while ago from M). After eating my dinner and watching tv, i remembered my purchase and decided to try it out. I was, of course, super skeptical and did not think it was going to do anything (also, a bin full of these at Home Depot seems like they were trying to get rid of them). well... boy, was i wrong. that little white foam block is a serious miracle worker. So, then i thought, "well, what is this? is this some kind of toxic block?". There isn't any info on the box about what it is or what, if any, toxic cleaning material it is saturated with. So, i wikipedia-ed it, and it turns out it is just foam made out of melamine (like the retro-chic hard-plastic plates from back in the day). and since it is actually a really hard foam, it scrubs, and since it is 'foamy', it holds onto whatever it scraps off... pretty cool. I still want to figure out the environmental effects of this stuff (can't be great) i wonder how it compares to using comet or whatever harsh abrasive cleaner and washing that down the drain....

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Melody said...

Didn't I tell you it was AMAZING! One of the best things that ever happened to me!!
If you find out anything about it's toxicity, let me know . . . actually, no don't tell me. I don't want anything ruinin' my love of the Eraser.