Monday, August 21

black nail polish

so, after flipping through the September issue of Vogue (US), the only thing i really remember is that a black nail polish made by Chanel was the Hot Thing. So, i went out and bought some. Seems really weird; i'm curious how many people who look at/read vogue are going to paint their nails black. It's pretty severe, and well, very punk-rock (which is cool in some circles, maybe not so cool about the uptown/madison ave/fifth ave crowd, but maybe i am wrong...)

anyway, i like the chipped look (i have to, it's impossible for me to keep my manicure perfect), looks more 'tough' that way, right? Plus, it was really hard to stay "within the lines". I'm so used to just having a clear polish, where, it doesn't really matter if i get it all over my fingers!!


blaksquirrel said...

kawaii :)

are you going to paint skimmy's nails as well? he'd look more dangerous with black nails!

Melody said...

Skimmy looks pretty darn dangerous already . . . but black nails would accentuate this.

Hoorah for black nailpolish. It IS totally difficult to stay in the lines so I'm proud of you! I've always been a big fan of black nailpolish. Let me know how the Chanel works out. The only "upper end" nailpolish I've ever used was MAC, and I totally didn't notices any difference from my L'oreal. Do you remember the Chanel "Vamp" phase . . . I've been recently wanting to bring that color back in a big way. They had creepy descriptions for the different layers. One layer looked like dried blood . . . two looked like a scab . . . that sort of thing.

Black nailpolish makes me feel like Madonna. Odd, but true. I wear it when I want to get my inner Madge on.

yuko said...

well, i don't think there is any difference with the brands. but it is a nice 'thin' black.. it's hard to tell in the picture, but it is kind of sheer. come on over and do your nails!!