Monday, August 7

be@rbrick series 12

Picked up a whole box of these bad-boys from Toy Tokyo, and trying to keep J from opening them all at once is tough!! The clear Jerrybean ones are my favorite, and we've got 3 so far... so I'm happy! The description of him is really perfect:

JERRYBEAN had a passing moment of happiness.
It cures his mind, yet it was too short.
Having blank in his mind, he arrives to OKINAWA.
It is a place where young people seeks ecstasy and enjoy their lazy pleasure all day long.
JB spends such humid nights with them, and he gradually gets zoned out.
Craving nothing.
Sensing nothing.
Expecting nothing.
His body eventually becomes almost transparent.

Blue water reflects his old love.
It is a jerry fish in a wrong season.
JB continues his travel

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