Wednesday, August 9

Bad start to my day

so, i fell down (slid down) our stairs this morning....

stupidly, i was fumbling with my ipod & headphones, and not paying
attention to how slippery my shoes are (very), i took a couple steps
down, and the rest is a blurrrr...

i basically slid down the steps on my feet and butt, but landed on my right
elbow... needless to say, it really hurts and has nice bloody

i think this is going to add to my shoulder aches, too... urgh!

can i blame it on the full moon last nite?

[thought about taking pictures and posting them, but a) it's kind of gross, b) it doesn't look as bad as i am making it out to be, c) my elbow looks deformed.]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the full moon totally messed with me. it normally doesn't. but it did. or atleast i hope?