Thursday, August 31

Keith Olbermann

I missed this yesterday on TV... luckily Crooks and Liars posted the video....

(if you don't feel like watching the video, there is a transcript, too)

...I am chilled... and thankful for Mr. Olbermann.

(here is an excerpt of Rumsfeld's speech)

Wednesday, August 30

getting ready for fall

finally got to break out my new coat, for fall. it's actually perfect for this weather. Not sure how i'll wear it once it starts getting really chilly. I am bummed about how quickly it is getting dark and wintery...

Tuesday, August 29

m&m's for The Scream?

I really hope this reward brings the painting in... maybe the thieves have a sweet-tooth?

(link via kottke)

UPDATE: WOW! Maybe they did have a sweet tooth!!

Monday, August 28


there's a nice article in the times about manatees. They are one of my favorite creatures. I can't remember when i first found out about them, but i remember being completely fascinated, happy and sad. They somehow appear so peaceful and lonely. It breaks my heart every time i think about how they are scarred (and killed) by humans (on purpose or by accident).

Certain phrases caught my attention; how they have "...glacially slow metabolism", and in this one research lab, each captive manatee is fed, "...72 heads of lettuce and 12 bunches of kale a day", wow.

Sunday, August 27


went to an aquarium pet store today. It was really neat and they have some pretty cool fish and marine life. Stuff i don't think i have seen in a pet store before (large sea anenomes, eels, lots of coral). And they seemed, as far as i can tell, happy. Of course i thought of Finding Nemo, espcially since they have the clown fishes. It was also a wrong choice for me to buy some fish (salmon) to eat for dinner tonight, but i did buy the expensive wild salmon to make me feel a little better. Anyway, i bought darwin some new snacks and more food sticks... he's getting big!

Saturday, August 26

fly swatter

my boss bought me a fly swatter. It's a really nice one... seems old-fashioned (not some pink plastic one). It's basically just a bit of window screen mesh, with a paper edging, wrapped around a metal handle. Although I've never seen one like this before, why did they have to "improve" or "update" this, by making them out of pink plastic?

(btw, it works great. I slayed a little fly right after i took this picture!)

Thursday, August 24


in the current issue of Martha Stewart Living, there is an article about this house called Beauport located in Massachusetts. It was the house of Henry Davis Sleeper. He was a collector and interior designer. He collected things and then built additional rooms to house those things. It looks like such a fanastic house!! I can't wait to go... J, road trip? Please?

Tuesday, August 22

beautiful sky

The sky was really beautiful this morning... although, i think this is the (unfortunate) sign that fall is right around the corner...

Monday, August 21


wow... so, on my way home after work on friday, i stopped by at the Home Depot to buy some light bulbs. On the way to the self-serve check out, there was a large bin of Mr. Clean Magic Sponges. Well, on a whim, i decided to buy one. Wasn't too expensive, and had heard about it (a while ago from M). After eating my dinner and watching tv, i remembered my purchase and decided to try it out. I was, of course, super skeptical and did not think it was going to do anything (also, a bin full of these at Home Depot seems like they were trying to get rid of them). well... boy, was i wrong. that little white foam block is a serious miracle worker. So, then i thought, "well, what is this? is this some kind of toxic block?". There isn't any info on the box about what it is or what, if any, toxic cleaning material it is saturated with. So, i wikipedia-ed it, and it turns out it is just foam made out of melamine (like the retro-chic hard-plastic plates from back in the day). and since it is actually a really hard foam, it scrubs, and since it is 'foamy', it holds onto whatever it scraps off... pretty cool. I still want to figure out the environmental effects of this stuff (can't be great) i wonder how it compares to using comet or whatever harsh abrasive cleaner and washing that down the drain....

black nail polish

so, after flipping through the September issue of Vogue (US), the only thing i really remember is that a black nail polish made by Chanel was the Hot Thing. So, i went out and bought some. Seems really weird; i'm curious how many people who look at/read vogue are going to paint their nails black. It's pretty severe, and well, very punk-rock (which is cool in some circles, maybe not so cool about the uptown/madison ave/fifth ave crowd, but maybe i am wrong...)

anyway, i like the chipped look (i have to, it's impossible for me to keep my manicure perfect), looks more 'tough' that way, right? Plus, it was really hard to stay "within the lines". I'm so used to just having a clear polish, where, it doesn't really matter if i get it all over my fingers!!

pictures from saturdays trip to the greenmarket

Thursday, August 17


i am in constant awe at truly creative people and their website-making skills. Just when you think that you've 'seen-it-all', you click on a link and POW! you're in a new world that you can not believe someone has brilliantly made!!!

here is what I am talking about:


cats that look like hitler

both of these links come from Jesus' General

Wednesday, August 16

frito pie (without the fritos)

(previous post)

night ripper trax

Here's a great wikipedia entry of the songs used in Girl Talk's Night Ripper album (previous post). Don't you just love the internet? And if that wasn't good enough, two bloggers posted some of their favorites! I Am Fuel You Are Friends and Some Velvet Blog

(link via MOKB)

Tuesday, August 15

i miss you already

r. mitt?

taken 2 years ago...

frito pie

my co-worker from oklahoma was talking about frito pies.... !! i couldn't believe my ears. It's something that i haven't heard since moving to the east coast... and probably one of my most favorite things to eat! i'm going to try to make some tonight... pictures soon (hopefully). the other thing that I miss eating from santa fe is sopapillas.

although living in new york city, i feel like i can eat anything i want.... except the really good new mexican food i grew up with... : (

Thursday, August 10


We are going upstate this weekend. I've got my bug repellent ready to go. looks like it will be good (but chilly) weather.

ice cream

When i was growing up, we never had a dessert course after dinner. Dessert/ice cream/cookies/etc was more like a special treat, or a snack in the middle of the day. But now, for some reason, I (and J too) am not satisfied with my dinners unless i have dessert afterward. Ice cream is the prefered choice. I think it is a sign of truly being spoiled...


my absolutely new favorite website.... it is a site for creative craftspeople to sell their wares... kind of what i have been looking for, to get me motivated to make some stuff!! (don't hold your breath, though)

check out the beautiful (and brilliant) way of searching for things!!

(via inside the net podcast: listen to the interview with the creators)

Wednesday, August 9

Bad start to my day

so, i fell down (slid down) our stairs this morning....

stupidly, i was fumbling with my ipod & headphones, and not paying
attention to how slippery my shoes are (very), i took a couple steps
down, and the rest is a blurrrr...

i basically slid down the steps on my feet and butt, but landed on my right
elbow... needless to say, it really hurts and has nice bloody

i think this is going to add to my shoulder aches, too... urgh!

can i blame it on the full moon last nite?

[thought about taking pictures and posting them, but a) it's kind of gross, b) it doesn't look as bad as i am making it out to be, c) my elbow looks deformed.]

Tuesday, August 8

more be@rbrick photos

the shake shack

Just had dinner at the Shake Shack. I've never had a chance to try out their shakes, concretes, and floats but boy! do they sound good! I always get too full with the burger and fries. It was really nice weather today, so it was perfect evening for eating outside.

Anish Kapoor at Rockefeller Center update

wow. This looks so cool! I wish it would be permanent (like Cloud Gate in Chicago), but I guess it makes it extra special since it is just a temporary installation. I wonder if it will blind people when the sun is shining right on it?

Anish Kapooor, Sky Mirror
Presented by TUMI
At Rockefeller Center
Organized by Public Art Fund
Hosted by Tishman Speyer
September 19 - October 27, 2006

Scissor Sisters

wow. I thought it would be fun to go see them, but not for $40 bucks!!!

Monday, August 7

Genius Bar

So, on Saturday, I had my first experience at the Genius Bar. We made a 10am appointment online, went to the Fifth Ave store, got there a little early.... waited awhile, amazed at how many people are up and doing stuff on a saturday morning. Anyway, finally got called, and had a very nice guy help me out, i already forgot his name : (

Anyway. he was really great and much more easier-going than I had expected (...and had been told by someone). I got to trade in my defective 3 week old computer for a new one!!

Thanks Apple, you rule.

be@rbrick series 12

Picked up a whole box of these bad-boys from Toy Tokyo, and trying to keep J from opening them all at once is tough!! The clear Jerrybean ones are my favorite, and we've got 3 so far... so I'm happy! The description of him is really perfect:

JERRYBEAN had a passing moment of happiness.
It cures his mind, yet it was too short.
Having blank in his mind, he arrives to OKINAWA.
It is a place where young people seeks ecstasy and enjoy their lazy pleasure all day long.
JB spends such humid nights with them, and he gradually gets zoned out.
Craving nothing.
Sensing nothing.
Expecting nothing.
His body eventually becomes almost transparent.

Blue water reflects his old love.
It is a jerry fish in a wrong season.
JB continues his travel

Wednesday, August 2

it's hot, i'm melting, and going crazy!!

trans-siberian/mongolian "express"

I've been following Sarah and Brendan Moran's around-the-world adventures. They got married a couple months ago, and are on a year-long adventure that started in Greece. They've been going strong for 2 months now, and man, it's seems trying at times... and they just survived the Trans-Mongolian Express.

Read what Sarah Said and what Brendan said.

it's kind of tempting to try, isn't it?