Tuesday, May 30


Cutest cat? quite possibly!!
+ I love the theme they used to name the cats!

Saturday, May 27


instant club hit

If you like the old school [Baltimore] club mixes... check out this site.

[it's a side project]

Wednesday, May 24


since i don't have much to contribute today blog-wise, i thought i'd post some of my current favorite websites to visit on a daily basis... some are old favorites, some are new....

My Old Kentucky Blog
A great blog with lots of great music, and current doing a 'covers-theme'.

Brooklyn Vegan
Another great music blog, based in, brooklyn. Makes me want to go to a bunch of live shows!

A blog by a girl in London, talking about cooking, fashion and life in london.

Crooks and Liars
A great political website that keeps me up-to-date on the evil-ness of our current administration.

NY Times Frank Bruni's blog on food
He is the food critic on the New York Times. It's interesting to see how these professional food critics think about and what they experience.

one of the first blog-type websites i started going to, never disappoints!

Sunday, May 21

Anish Kapoor at Rockefeller Center

This is really exciting. I guess Rockefeller center is turning out to be similar in idea as the Unilever projects at the Tate Modern (kind of). If it is anything like the Cloud Gate (above), it should be truly spectacular!!

check out flickr for some really cool pictures of the Cloud Gate in Chicago. This one at night is really beautiful!

Friday, May 19


Just in time for summer! a sweet necklace i bought from Pashupatina, i found through Charles and Marie, which i found through Jean Snow. I haven't really bought stuff on line from places that aren't major shops (somehow scared that i will be disappointed). But with this necklace, i may have overcome the fears of online-boutique-store-shopping!


Wednesday, May 17

Tuesday, May 16

hurricane season '06

Less than 3 weeks until hurricane season begins. I hope that this year will be better (i mean less hurricanes) than last year, but there is a part of me that enjoys crazy, angry Mother Earth, and to watch her wreak havoc on this poor country (apparently, accuweather.com enjoys the crazy too!).

names for 2006: Alberto Beryl Chris Debby Ernesto Florence Gordon Helene Isaac Joyce Kirk Leslie Michael Nadine Oscar Patty Rafael Sandy Tony Valerie William

make sure to keep an eye on Accuweather's hurricane center

Da Vinci Code

I really like this pyramid-shaped banner for the Da Vinci Code (how much money are they spending on advertising, world wide??)
I am patiently, anxiously waiting for this movie... it better be good!!!

Ooooooh!! I want!


Monday, May 15

FIFA World Cup 2006

okay, so, the World Cup crept up on me, and I am SUPER EXCITED!!! (the logo is so cute, but the smiley face on the left looks a little cross-eyed!) Opening game is Germany vs. Costa Rica on June 9th. But I'm mostly looking forward to the Japan vs. Australia/Croatia/Brazil. This is supposedly the toughest group, and I'd be surprised if Japan makes it to the "Round of 16".

(I was trying to find a way to link to a google calendar calendar for the world cup, but couldn't figure it out. Anyway, if you do a search for "2006 World Cup" there's a lot of 'um out there.)



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Saturday, May 13

wheatgrass for Sherlock!

Friday, May 12

can you see what is inside?

my answer to toys + shoes

auction week

so, we're nearing the end of the spring auction week... what a doozy! here is one of the more "i don't understand" auction results...

PHillips de Pury & Co

this one sold for $1,584,000.00

This has got to be one of the most expensive paintings by a living (and relatively young) female artist. It's really crazy.

Thursday, May 11

Phoenix at bowery ballroom

really nice picture of a great show. Somehow I was worried that they weren't going to be as good as last time... but, i think, they were better, and i really like the new songs (especially Sometimes in a Fall)...

(a picture i took)