Friday, January 27


although i never thought i would like a Louis Vuitton bag, but this, i like!! (kinda, maybe not in yellow)

Wednesday, January 25

959 Eighth Avenue

I didn't know that it was meant to be a skyscraper back when it was originally built. One of my favorite buildings in the city. NY Times has some nice pictures of it.

Hard-Fi / Cash Machine

so, itunes music store has this song as a free download this week. Go Get IT!!

One of my favorite groups of 2005, after i got tired of listening to Bloc Party, AND I actually bought the physical CD of this album.

Although all Tony could do was complain about Hard-Fi, i really like them.


I can't wait for this console to come out! I think i ask Josh every other day, "when does the Revolution come out?". And i Can't Wait for the Zelda game!! I'm still confused whether this is coming out as a Game Cube game or a Revolution game... either way, looks GOOD!

(image from Kotaku)

Monday, January 23

caramel apple in Central Park