Friday, November 25

the land of leather shoes

sitting here on the bed, waiting for josh to get back from Athens, surfing the web, trying to kill some time before i go take a bath and then wait some more for josh. bought some clementines at a grocery store; so much tastier than the ones in the states, and there doesn't seem like theres a bad one in the bunch. also packaged nicer (i dont like those wooden crates they come in, these venetian ones are just in one of those orange plastic mesh-y bags). i've got a sweater wrapped around my head 'cause it is so cold in the house (well, it's freezing outside, too). walked around for awhile, in the snow! pretty and nice at first, then really miserable and bone-chilling soon after. the slushy residue is super dangerous on the steps on the little bridges, too. wet wooden stairs + slushy snow = slippery!! talking about slippery, the marble floors in the house are Super slippery too! the landlady lent me a pair of her traction-socks. otherwise, i probably would have cracked my head open on these beautiful floors by now. happened to walk by La Fenice (read "The City Of Falling Angels" by John Berendt). well, it looks new, and no traces of the fire (obviously). Tried to look for the Barbaro from the Accademia Bridge. i like this place. it's so nice to be able to walk everywhere. no need to look for cars about to run you over, or listening to car horns, sirens, revving, etc. no bicycles either. just everyone on their two 'cadillacs' (is that the saying?). Which brings me to a very important point... i think im gonna definitely have to buy some shoes. why not right? Italy is the land of leather shoes.

Monday, November 14

on this day...

taking an idea from,

Condoleezza Rice (grrr...), Yanni, Claude Monet, King Hussein of Jordan and Peter Norton were born

and in 2003 - Planetoid 90377 Sedna is discovered

Saturday, November 12

getting older

so, i'm (so far) not minding getting older. I guess that feeling comes and goes, but right now, i'm okay with my age, and the fact that i keep getting older. It's a losing battle anyway, and, honestly, i am happier (in general) than i was 10 years ago, or even 20 years ago.

Wednesday, November 2

pogue: please the customers

Good article (NY Times registration req.) about what electronic companies could do to improve their customer service... these could probably applied to most in the service industry. I especially like "IX: Thou shalt not hog the power strip"

Tuesday, November 1