Friday, September 30

H20 International

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The past weekend was the car show weekend of the year! 'H20 International' It was a nice long weekend in Ocean City, MD, with lots of VW's, partying, and general mayhem. Shout outs go to: Nate, H20 vets Kevin and Chucky, NGP and Ed for giving the rides in the 550HP Rallye Golf, PVW crew Elliott and Bass, Torque VM crew, Edition 38, and the Sahara Motel. You'll have to wait for the show pics to run in Eurotuner, but here are a few choice others.

The result of too much Sea, I mean Weacrets...really weird group shots at 330am, and nice a nice dent from the parking lot! Yea!

"Lysol blowtorch, Hair, and Cristal"

Nate on the beach

It turned out that my car had a pretty rough weekend...first the dent, and then a coolant hose blew out on the way up the turnpike. Thanks to Nate's 'Macgyver like' rigging skills and some VW good samaritans (who broke down at the same spot the day before) we made it all the way back to Queens from exit 7A! Although I was sweating the crawl through the Lincoln Tunnel, the car ran well. Well, except for the window regulator on the passenger it doesn't go down so well. Although the drive home was a bit rough, H20 kept its spot as the best VW show in the US.

Tuesday, September 20


so, my favorite bobble is writing horoscopes (horrorscopes? horascopes?). i hope he keeps this up. this is interesting. by the way, i am a scorpio, and so is bobble, and he isn't too kind to his peeps, but I am trying to utilize/implement the "psychic terror".

Friday, September 16

Sunroof reject

Shot this week out the top of the car.

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades

This is too funny, I remember reading this Onion bit when it came out and thinking it was only a matter of time. Personally I can't mess with more than two blades...maybe three if I gots too.


Wednesday, September 14


my favorite cat (besides sherlock, of course) has cute new pictures up!!

Tuesday, September 13

Saturday, September 10


please help with naming our new friend from chinatown...


got to go to my first fashion show: imitation of christ at the surrogate's courthouse.
but too dark to take any decent pictures of the girls.
the building was beautiful, though.

Monday, September 5

the little grape that couldn't

Saw this little fella on the N train, rolling around the whole car, not sure where he was going. But then, he decided to get off at the 28th street stop, but couldn't muster the 'roll' to get off!