Thursday, August 25

zoom zoom

crazy zoom! would be afraid of this one if i were tripping.

Monday, August 22

Computer characters mugged in virtual crime spree

This is a pretty strange thing to be arrested for. I guess it is inevitable after online game world property, equipment, pets, etc. show up on ebay for real just seems like an extemely obscure way to make a criminal living!


Wednesday, August 10


The Secret History of the Galaxy Tall Tee

Gotta love it...courtesy of the Baltimore City paper. I'm too lazy at the moment to post a pic, just read it anyway!!


Monday, August 8

car show

some portraits i took at the car show.

Sunday, August 7

Car shows and car troubles

So I had to do this last minute photo shoot at a VW/Audi car show in Larksville, PA. No big deal, it's 130 miles, that should take 2 and a half hours. Got a little later start than I wanted and was at the garage at 930am. (Check the mileage on the old google maps pedometer and it turns out the garage is 1/2 mile from the home, farther than I thought!) I open the car, hop in, and......nothing. As in, no dash lights at all, no response, completely dead battery. I guess leaving your trunk sitting closed (but not latched) for two weeks runs a small light that will KILL the battery. Not thinking that the car will not pop-start with no ignition, I pushed the car out of the garage and tried to get it running - it didn't work and the car was now sitting down a slight hill behind some houses. I decided to wait for Yuko to arrive to watch the car before I ventured out to try and find a fix.

There is an auto parts store somewhat near the garage (1/2 mile again!) so I walked up to see what I could find. Somewhat foolishly I bought a $79 portable 'battery pack' that seemed to be perfect solution...until I walked it back and realized it NEEDS TO BE CHARGED 24 Hours BEFORE USE! Sooo, back to the store to buy some honest jumper cables. As I got back, there was an extremely nice guy (with a nice shiny V8 Jag)(witch had a battery in the back?), just coming out of his house, who was willing to jump the car. We hooked it up, and the car would not turn over...all the lights worked, but it just clicked. We let it sit there for a few minutes and it just clicked. Shit just was not going to start. At this point I’m starting to freak out a little because I had a long drive and it was pushing 1130. (Most shows are kind of winding down by 3)

I realize late that the only choice was a completely new battery. I head all the way back to the store, to return the pack and get the real thing. I considered this at the beginning but decide against it because: I thought they were more expensive, and they are extremely heavy. We pushed the car up the hill in front of my garage, and I walk back for the third time. Turns out the battery is actually cheaper, we do the transaction, and head out. Car batteries are crazy heavy and my arms felt like jelly when I was done rushing to the car. (Yuko also leant arms.)(Forgot to mention...with all of the half power, my rear window decided to roll the car was sitting out with the window open) Got back, changed the battery, car roars to life, and we officially get on the road at 1230.

We arrived a little after 3, and I had just enough time to get the pics before the awards and everyone drives off. The show was pretty small but the quality was good, and PA seems to have plenty of patience with high speed flybys. The show was actually at a dealership, and a 400whp (horsepower at the front wheels) Mk3 Jetta was giving out rides. We left there at 6, got some food, took a detour to Cabela’s, and walked in the door at midnight. Long day, and surprisingly nice weather.



lookie what i picked up! great for when the apocalypse happens!

Friday, August 5

OLED keyboard from Russia

I have seen some pics of this keyboard around the ole' internet, but now they are saying it will actually hit production for the US in 2006, and not be crazy expensive! All the keys are little screens that you can program to whatever you want/need/happen to be doing...with this and the mighty mouse I'll be set. I haven't actually tried the mouse either, but I hear it is nice.


Google maps pedometer!

How hot is this site~!>? A google maps hack, it lets you click and map a walking then calculates the mileage!!

Fun facts: NYC walking shoe tour is roughly 3 miles (LES to SoHo to E Village)


Tuesday, August 2

Monday, August 1


not perfect

The Blakiston Fish Owl, a rare animal of Japan, 1/2 way done. yeah, it's sloppy. I'm having a rough day.