Friday, July 29


so, I was walking down on fifth ave. and saw these pidgeons standing on a ledge of a building, 2 stories high and noticed that their toes looked strange. see how there are two toes on the ledge, and probably the third toe gripping the surface. looks awkward, doesn't it?

close up

my space

so, i've just cancelled my 'my space' account. I will probably do the same for the friendster account. Are people still using them? I'm overwhelmed with email/blog internet activity as it is. somethings gotta give...

Wednesday, July 13

Mario physics lesson

I don't have any fancy pictures for this is worth watching anyway! (especially good for fans of SNES Super Mario World)


Monday, July 11

games for the brain

a bunch of fun, and i guess it helps your brain? I especially like the crime scene one, seems like good practice!

Saturday, July 9

Old school Drum & Bass mixes

This is a nice collection of mostly 'golden era' Drum and Bass 'Essential Mix' shows from Radio 1 in the UK. The LTJ Bukem from 1995 is especially hot. Courtesy of Rich (DJ Stress).


Danny Way x Great Wall

For real, this is some crazy stuff...the megaramp is just out of control to begin with, and now Danny is the only person to jump the wall without machine power. (and someone died trying something like this on a mountain bike in 2002, yikes)

The quarter pipe at the end is 32ft high, and roll-in is 120ft. Respect.


Friday, July 8


Internally, i am very sad about london. i guess i had gotten comfortable with safety in a big city. Although i knew that attacks 'could' happen (very easily in fact), it was never really real. Even if i think in my head a situation, and consider what my reactions/emotions would be, nothing prepares me for something when it actually happens.

It's really great, though, how london has really picked themselves up. Hurrah for london!


okay, so here's my edit of the pool of photos. If I can figure out how to put video up, I will...

Paris trip photo album

Here is the 'Josh' edit of the 698 pictures we took on our recent 3 day excursion to France. An interesting trip, and more different a city than I had expected.

The pictures are done with the oh-so-lovely .mac albums...Yuko is working on her interpretation, and will put it up with a Flickr album shortly. Please let us know which way is nicer to look at the photos!! :)


Keltech Strikes Back

OK, so this is some damn fine, and damn funny turntable action...a must see!!

Just look for and click on the Vader.