Wednesday, June 29


maybe a trend in recent art auctions? perhaps? Both of these items were up for auction in london recently, the painting sold, but the, um, sculpture was 'bought in'. I really do like Maurizio Catalan's artwork though!

Friday, June 24


This looks so sweet!! a Ferris wheel in front of the Lourve!!
A Day in Paris

back from the dead

wow, so, i was sick for a full week this time!! Whe-hoow!! Anyway, here is a link to a bluejake, who recently went to tokyo/kyoto, and took some really beautiful photographs.
(make sure to click "next" to see all the photos).

Monday, June 13

Drop kick The Faint

This is a well done game, and a wacky ass premise!


Sunday, June 12

Friday, June 10

edge of the ocean

i think i heard this song by Ivy awhile back, but i just now fell in love with it, from the trailer of "Before Sunset". It has the same feeling as the movie, so, if, like me, you like sweet, romantic, melancholy stories, i think you will like this song.

download the song for free from amazon!


okay, this guy is like laugh-out-loud-hilarious!!! and the best thing is that he looks like he's having so much fun, whatever he's doing. It's really refreshing to see someone enjoying life, being silly, and not giving a damn (and of course documenting it so well that everyone can enjoy his sillyness!)


trials and tribulations of tiger

so, i am not the only one that has a tough time with tiger (OS X). Although, craig's complaints are a bit more valid since he probably does a lot more on his computer than just surfing the www and emailing.

It's so bad that I'm not even gonna bother with making some stupid joke about the stupid Mac feline naming system (oh, alright then, I will: Mac OSX Tiger? Mac OSX Fat, blind, Ginger Tom, more like!).


Thursday, June 9


Olga seems like a nice cat, big and beautiful! Although I feel bad for her because it is so warm, she really is a beauty!

A visual guide to street blemishes

I just re-found this page, a very handy guide to the predators of the lowered automobile. OUCH!


Wednesday, June 8

howl's moving castle

Oops! I kind of forgot about this film. And now it will be in select theaters this weekend!! I don't know a thing about it, except for the fact that it blew away the top-grossing-film-of-all-time-record in japan, held previously by Spirited Away. So, that's a lot to look forward to. can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 7

gem sweater

oh my god, oh my god. I HAVE to go see Gem Sweater play live!!! This is my new favorite music to rock out to!! (or at least try on a bunch of sweaters to!).

taken from Sarah

Monday, June 6

peak oil = slaves

so, everyone's writing about 'peak oil'. i (miraculously) read about it about a month ago, i don't remember where it was from. But it was an interesting article, and actually something about our poor deterioration earth/environment that i could grasp. well, links to a nice, easy to read article in the Washington Monthly about peak oil. This comment, although very techincal and made my eyes blurr, is very interesting and to-the-point (#13 & #14).

Sunday, June 5

finally summer!

so, as seems to concur, it is finally summer! And, wow, it's really warm and sweaty-feeling. I hope everyone is out enjoying the nice warm weather. Who knows, fall/winter might be right around the corner (of course now that i say that, it's probably going to be 90+ degrees until october).

Friday, June 3

psycho le cemu

okay, so when we took this picture at harajuku, we just figured this girl is quite creative, and well, a spooky-looking unicorn/sheep wasn't so strange after all... but i just discovered the wonderful band psycho le cemu, where, in one incarnation, they dressed up as angels

Thursday, June 2

tea cosy!

just when i was getting tired from my two-day crochet binge, i stumbled across this on the world wide web! i totally want to make this!!! and then i'll have to actually get a tea pot that this will fit over!! so cute!!



one of the few things that makes me smile, katamari damacy is truly a great game, and i can't wait for "we love katamari"!!! It's supposed to come out in japan in july, so hopefully the u.s. release is not too far away!


Update: according to, they say the release date for u.s. is october '05 and december '05 for japan,is that right?

Wednesday, June 1


So this blog Clublife is pretty is written by a bouncer at an unnamed Manhattan club. He's a little bit of a weirdo but he writes some really funny stuff! Check out this particularly good one on the 'arc' of club popularity.