Tuesday, October 25


wow, this makes me feel old and nostalgic! There was a time when these things were so important to me. The perfect mix tape, as a gift to someone, or to receive one, seemed so special!! lets make mix tapes!!

Monday, October 24

blow hard

what would we do without this guy?

Saturday, October 15

uh, someone's missing their spinal column (and ribs)

jerry spotted this on saturday, on the corner of 11th Street and 2nd Ave.

blue sky never looked so good!

after a full week of rain, it was really beautiful to be out in the sun, under the blue sky...

Friday, October 14

Jean Touitou

One of my favorites. Nice interview with Mr. A.P.C.

Monday, October 10

have a meaty morning!

tasty! actually, I haven't had a meaty morning yet. anyone wanna try one and tell me if you continue pumping blood through your heart without any help?

You can't fade this

I don't think I need to say anything really...people are scared to rock a
hi-top fade
in this day and age...and this dude is apparently carrying the torch for us all.

Friday, October 7

fun with fisheye

forays into the fisheye world... what do you think?
these were taken with the great luomo fisheye camera (a great buy)

skim in light

right and left

so, in my japanese class, i am always suprised to learn something crazy about the japanese language and the wonderful world of Kanji (the chinese characters). Yesterday, i learned that the stroke-order for the kanji for LEFT [左] is different for RIGHT [右]. If you look really closely, the slanty line that intersects the horizontal line at the top is slightly longer on LEFT[左].
Take a look at these little quicktime clips on the proper way of writing these characters:


so, I was going about my usual ordering routine from Quill, and decided to also buy band-aids from them (I usually just buy them at CVS), anyway, as I add items to the cart, quill recommends items that they consider "accessories" to that item I just added. Well, when I added the band-aids to the cart, this is what it recommended I also buy...