Tuesday, December 6

it's going to be bad (?)

um. is that a shark (thursday night) with a big pink tongue (potentially worse)???

accuweather always manages to entertain me with their weather maps!!

update: 'cause i wasn't smart and didn't copy the picture, the picture used on the website changed... no, i am not going crazy!

Sunday, December 4

i miss venice

i miss venice. i miss not working or worrying about work. being able to walk everywhere. the quiet from the lack of cars. the yummy pizza + cheap citrus!

things i don't miss: the damp cold, being away from sherlock, feeling like an outsider/foreigner.

godzilla vs. mummy

Friday, November 25

the land of leather shoes

sitting here on the bed, waiting for josh to get back from Athens, surfing the web, trying to kill some time before i go take a bath and then wait some more for josh. bought some clementines at a grocery store; so much tastier than the ones in the states, and there doesn't seem like theres a bad one in the bunch. also packaged nicer (i dont like those wooden crates they come in, these venetian ones are just in one of those orange plastic mesh-y bags). i've got a sweater wrapped around my head 'cause it is so cold in the house (well, it's freezing outside, too). walked around for awhile, in the snow! pretty and nice at first, then really miserable and bone-chilling soon after. the slushy residue is super dangerous on the steps on the little bridges, too. wet wooden stairs + slushy snow = slippery!! talking about slippery, the marble floors in the house are Super slippery too! the landlady lent me a pair of her traction-socks. otherwise, i probably would have cracked my head open on these beautiful floors by now. happened to walk by La Fenice (read "The City Of Falling Angels" by John Berendt). well, it looks new, and no traces of the fire (obviously). Tried to look for the Barbaro from the Accademia Bridge. i like this place. it's so nice to be able to walk everywhere. no need to look for cars about to run you over, or listening to car horns, sirens, revving, etc. no bicycles either. just everyone on their two 'cadillacs' (is that the saying?). Which brings me to a very important point... i think im gonna definitely have to buy some shoes. why not right? Italy is the land of leather shoes.

Monday, November 14

on this day...

taking an idea from flipflopflying.com,

Condoleezza Rice (grrr...), Yanni, Claude Monet, King Hussein of Jordan and Peter Norton were born

and in 2003 - Planetoid 90377 Sedna is discovered

Saturday, November 12

getting older

so, i'm (so far) not minding getting older. I guess that feeling comes and goes, but right now, i'm okay with my age, and the fact that i keep getting older. It's a losing battle anyway, and, honestly, i am happier (in general) than i was 10 years ago, or even 20 years ago.

Wednesday, November 2

pogue: please the customers

Good article (NY Times registration req.) about what electronic companies could do to improve their customer service... these could probably applied to most in the service industry. I especially like "IX: Thou shalt not hog the power strip"

Tuesday, November 1

Tuesday, October 25


wow, this makes me feel old and nostalgic! There was a time when these things were so important to me. The perfect mix tape, as a gift to someone, or to receive one, seemed so special!! lets make mix tapes!!

Monday, October 24

blow hard

what would we do without this guy?

Saturday, October 15

uh, someone's missing their spinal column (and ribs)

jerry spotted this on saturday, on the corner of 11th Street and 2nd Ave.

blue sky never looked so good!

after a full week of rain, it was really beautiful to be out in the sun, under the blue sky...

Friday, October 14

Jean Touitou

One of my favorites. Nice interview with Mr. A.P.C.

Monday, October 10

have a meaty morning!

tasty! actually, I haven't had a meaty morning yet. anyone wanna try one and tell me if you continue pumping blood through your heart without any help?

You can't fade this

I don't think I need to say anything really...people are scared to rock a
hi-top fade
in this day and age...and this dude is apparently carrying the torch for us all.

Friday, October 7

fun with fisheye

forays into the fisheye world... what do you think?
these were taken with the great luomo fisheye camera (a great buy)

skim in light

right and left

so, in my japanese class, i am always suprised to learn something crazy about the japanese language and the wonderful world of Kanji (the chinese characters). Yesterday, i learned that the stroke-order for the kanji for LEFT [左] is different for RIGHT [右]. If you look really closely, the slanty line that intersects the horizontal line at the top is slightly longer on LEFT[左].
Take a look at these little quicktime clips on the proper way of writing these characters:


so, I was going about my usual ordering routine from Quill, and decided to also buy band-aids from them (I usually just buy them at CVS), anyway, as I add items to the cart, quill recommends items that they consider "accessories" to that item I just added. Well, when I added the band-aids to the cart, this is what it recommended I also buy...

Friday, September 30

H20 International

[Since I have off tomorrow, I'm trying to make a nice long post with all these links...but for some reason it's not working out. So, no links]

[{I'm also trying to figure out how to make the post section wider}]

The past weekend was the car show weekend of the year! 'H20 International' It was a nice long weekend in Ocean City, MD, with lots of VW's, partying, and general mayhem. Shout outs go to: Nate, H20 vets Kevin and Chucky, NGP and Ed for giving the rides in the 550HP Rallye Golf, PVW crew Elliott and Bass, Torque VM crew, Edition 38, and the Sahara Motel. You'll have to wait for the show pics to run in Eurotuner, but here are a few choice others.

The result of too much Sea, I mean Weacrets...really weird group shots at 330am, and nice a nice dent from the parking lot! Yea!

"Lysol blowtorch, Hair, and Cristal"

Nate on the beach

It turned out that my car had a pretty rough weekend...first the dent, and then a coolant hose blew out on the way up the turnpike. Thanks to Nate's 'Macgyver like' rigging skills and some VW good samaritans (who broke down at the same spot the day before) we made it all the way back to Queens from exit 7A! Although I was sweating the crawl through the Lincoln Tunnel, the car ran well. Well, except for the window regulator on the passenger window...now it doesn't go down so well. Although the drive home was a bit rough, H20 kept its spot as the best VW show in the US.

Tuesday, September 20


so, my favorite bobble is writing horoscopes (horrorscopes? horascopes?). i hope he keeps this up. this is interesting. by the way, i am a scorpio, and so is bobble, and he isn't too kind to his peeps, but I am trying to utilize/implement the "psychic terror".

Friday, September 16

Sunroof reject

Shot this week out the top of the car.

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades

This is too funny, I remember reading this Onion bit when it came out and thinking it was only a matter of time. Personally I can't mess with more than two blades...maybe three if I gots too.


Wednesday, September 14


my favorite cat (besides sherlock, of course) has cute new pictures up!!

Tuesday, September 13

Saturday, September 10


please help with naming our new friend from chinatown...


got to go to my first fashion show: imitation of christ at the surrogate's courthouse.
but too dark to take any decent pictures of the girls.
the building was beautiful, though.

Monday, September 5

the little grape that couldn't

Saw this little fella on the N train, rolling around the whole car, not sure where he was going. But then, he decided to get off at the 28th street stop, but couldn't muster the 'roll' to get off!

Thursday, August 25

zoom zoom

crazy zoom! would be afraid of this one if i were tripping.

Monday, August 22

Computer characters mugged in virtual crime spree

This is a pretty strange thing to be arrested for. I guess it is inevitable after online game world property, equipment, pets, etc. show up on ebay for real money...it just seems like an extemely obscure way to make a criminal living!


Wednesday, August 10


The Secret History of the Galaxy Tall Tee

Gotta love it...courtesy of the Baltimore City paper. I'm too lazy at the moment to post a pic, just read it anyway!!


Monday, August 8

car show

some portraits i took at the car show.

Sunday, August 7

Car shows and car troubles

So I had to do this last minute photo shoot at a VW/Audi car show in Larksville, PA. No big deal, it's 130 miles, that should take 2 and a half hours. Got a little later start than I wanted and was at the garage at 930am. (Check the mileage on the old google maps pedometer and it turns out the garage is 1/2 mile from the home, farther than I thought!) I open the car, hop in, and......nothing. As in, no dash lights at all, no response, completely dead battery. I guess leaving your trunk sitting closed (but not latched) for two weeks runs a small light that will KILL the battery. Not thinking that the car will not pop-start with no ignition, I pushed the car out of the garage and tried to get it running - it didn't work and the car was now sitting down a slight hill behind some houses. I decided to wait for Yuko to arrive to watch the car before I ventured out to try and find a fix.

There is an auto parts store somewhat near the garage (1/2 mile again!) so I walked up to see what I could find. Somewhat foolishly I bought a $79 portable 'battery pack' that seemed to be perfect solution...until I walked it back and realized it NEEDS TO BE CHARGED 24 Hours BEFORE USE! Sooo, back to the store to buy some honest jumper cables. As I got back, there was an extremely nice guy (with a nice shiny V8 Jag)(witch had a battery in the back?), just coming out of his house, who was willing to jump the car. We hooked it up, and the car would not turn over...all the lights worked, but it just clicked. We let it sit there for a few minutes and it just clicked. Shit just was not going to start. At this point I’m starting to freak out a little because I had a long drive and it was pushing 1130. (Most shows are kind of winding down by 3)

I realize late that the only choice was a completely new battery. I head all the way back to the store, to return the pack and get the real thing. I considered this at the beginning but decide against it because: I thought they were more expensive, and they are extremely heavy. We pushed the car up the hill in front of my garage, and I walk back for the third time. Turns out the battery is actually cheaper, we do the transaction, and head out. Car batteries are crazy heavy and my arms felt like jelly when I was done rushing to the car. (Yuko also leant arms.)(Forgot to mention...with all of the half power, my rear window decided to roll down...so the car was sitting out with the window open) Got back, changed the battery, car roars to life, and we officially get on the road at 1230.

We arrived a little after 3, and I had just enough time to get the pics before the awards and everyone drives off. The show was pretty small but the quality was good, and PA seems to have plenty of patience with high speed flybys. The show was actually at a dealership, and a 400whp (horsepower at the front wheels) Mk3 Jetta was giving out rides. We left there at 6, got some food, took a detour to Cabela’s, and walked in the door at midnight. Long day, and surprisingly nice weather.



lookie what i picked up! great for when the apocalypse happens!

Friday, August 5

OLED keyboard from Russia

I have seen some pics of this keyboard around the ole' internet, but now they are saying it will actually hit production for the US in 2006, and not be crazy expensive! All the keys are little screens that you can program to whatever you want/need/happen to be doing...with this and the mighty mouse I'll be set. I haven't actually tried the mouse either, but I hear it is nice.


Google maps pedometer!

How hot is this site~!>? A google maps hack, it lets you click and map a walking route...it then calculates the mileage!!

Fun facts: NYC walking shoe tour is roughly 3 miles (LES to SoHo to E Village)


Tuesday, August 2

Monday, August 1


not perfect

The Blakiston Fish Owl, a rare animal of Japan, 1/2 way done. yeah, it's sloppy. I'm having a rough day.

Friday, July 29


so, I was walking down on fifth ave. and saw these pidgeons standing on a ledge of a building, 2 stories high and noticed that their toes looked strange. see how there are two toes on the ledge, and probably the third toe gripping the surface. looks awkward, doesn't it?

close up

my space

so, i've just cancelled my 'my space' account. I will probably do the same for the friendster account. Are people still using them? I'm overwhelmed with email/blog internet activity as it is. somethings gotta give...

Wednesday, July 13

Mario physics lesson

I don't have any fancy pictures for this post...it is worth watching anyway! (especially good for fans of SNES Super Mario World)


Monday, July 11

games for the brain

a bunch of fun, and i guess it helps your brain? I especially like the crime scene one, seems like good practice!

Saturday, July 9

Old school Drum & Bass mixes

This is a nice collection of mostly 'golden era' Drum and Bass 'Essential Mix' shows from Radio 1 in the UK. The LTJ Bukem from 1995 is especially hot. Courtesy of Rich (DJ Stress).


Danny Way x Great Wall

For real, this is some crazy stuff...the megaramp is just out of control to begin with, and now Danny is the only person to jump the wall without machine power. (and someone died trying something like this on a mountain bike in 2002, yikes)

The quarter pipe at the end is 32ft high, and roll-in is 120ft. Respect.


Friday, July 8


Internally, i am very sad about london. i guess i had gotten comfortable with safety in a big city. Although i knew that attacks 'could' happen (very easily in fact), it was never really real. Even if i think in my head a situation, and consider what my reactions/emotions would be, nothing prepares me for something when it actually happens.

It's really great, though, how london has really picked themselves up. Hurrah for london!


okay, so here's my edit of the pool of photos. If I can figure out how to put video up, I will...

Paris trip photo album

Here is the 'Josh' edit of the 698 pictures we took on our recent 3 day excursion to France. An interesting trip, and more different a city than I had expected.

The pictures are done with the oh-so-lovely .mac albums...Yuko is working on her interpretation, and will put it up with a Flickr album shortly. Please let us know which way is nicer to look at the photos!! :)


Keltech Strikes Back

OK, so this is some damn fine, and damn funny turntable action...a must see!!

Just look for and click on the Vader.


Wednesday, June 29


maybe a trend in recent art auctions? perhaps? Both of these items were up for auction in london recently, the painting sold, but the, um, sculpture was 'bought in'. I really do like Maurizio Catalan's artwork though!